Thursday, December 30, 2010

EPISODE #66 is FIXED!!! it's not sideways anymore! enjoy! it is....yes, yes, I know that it is sideways, but it is the best we could do. The new camera will not work for this, so it is back to the old time......

Try not to strain your neck while viewing this sideways.....sorry!!!!!

On that note.......have a safe and Happy New Year.... see you next year!

JJ & Sue

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

ARGH!!!!!!!!! I got the new iphone 4 last week and was so excited to see that it had a video camera built into the phone instead of having to use an Sue and I record a video and I go to post it and the phone tells me that the video is too long and all it gives me is 55 seconds worth of a 10 minute video. I am trying to figure this whole thing out ( remember, technology is your friend!) so I should have something up shortly, so sorry, once again....... check back in a little bit. I am going to let Frenchy, master of the computer, loose on this one and see if he can come up with something..........

Friday, December 24, 2010

Jj de Sousa sent you an ElfYourself dance!


Jj de Sousa sent you this ElfYourself dance:

Personal message:
HAPPY HOLIDAYS EVERYONE.......I can't seem to get enough of this jub jab stuff...this time it is Elf Yourself..the 2010 version! Ho Ho Ho!

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Happy Holidays from ElfYourself!
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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A holi-day in Seattle.....

On Monday, the lovely Miss Barbara and I took a day trip to Seattle...just because. I just really needed a day away and Seattle's downtown / Pike's Market area is especially lovely during the holidays....... We wandered around the market aimlessly and decided lunch was in order so off to the lovely Pink Door on Post has been there forever, and has never had a sign on the door, only the pink door..... turns out that on certain days during lunch and during most dinners during Xmas there are girls on trapezes above your head performing......we were in on the wrong day! Drats...could have been super cool. Anyhoo..they have a fantastic cocktail list and, of course, we had to partake...Proseco, Clear Creek Pear Brandy, rosemary simple syrup and a bit of lemon...DELICIOUS!!!!! If you are in Seattle and have the chance, give it a lovely!

More from Pikes Market in Seattle.

I love this place during the holidays. Sure wish we had a market with
this kind of atmosphere in Portland!!!.... It makes Xmas shopping

Wednesday, December 8, 2010


HI GANG!!!!! Here is episode # 65...straight from my office. Sue, Bridget and I were at the Driftwood Room (Inside Hotel DeLuxe - SUPER COOL!!!) last night for cocktails, but the lighting was really low and it would not work from my phone...I know, I know...I need to upgrade to the new iphone with a better video camera......but it is all about budget at the moment!!! Tune in later for some photos of the lobby of the hotel that I took last night....still working on that......
Se here it is: Please go to and see OUR latest video
that was created using Qik VideoCamera application for the iPhone.

Sent from my iPhone, so I apologize if there are spelling errors.

Saturday, December 4, 2010


Do you think he knows about this??? YIKES!!!!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Camera not here are some photos

This morning I was at the flower market, picking up a few things for the shop...and my, oh my, it was BUSTLING! It actually started to feel like the Xmas season. For some stoopid reason, I have not been feeling the holiday spirit...that is, until today. The smell of the cut fir and cedar boughs and wreaths was wonderful. The poinsettias were beautiful. I bought the loveliest, darkest red - almost black really - poinsettia...looks great in a black pot in the shop.......

The above photo is of my favorite succulent vendor......look at all these little lovelies......

This is actually a bent piece of wire mesh that had been icicle flocked....rustic and cool....and quite festive with this little display of bulbs and twigs..... is all about the marketing....clever, very clever!

The begonias are indeed beautiful......

But so are the poinsettias.....

...and a few more photos.....

My iphone will only let me email 5 photos at a time so this week needed two entries. I really love the petite favorite are the white ones...but they were out of them this morning at the flower market.....

One of my favorite vendors at the flower market sells nothing but boxwoods. Beautiful boxwoods. I do love a tight, clipped boxwood. How very Dutch. My favorite are the small and perfectly round clipped boxwoods. I love to put them in pots...all lined up straight in a row......

Oh the lovely tillandsias...... We have at least 6 varieties and at least 100 plants in the shop....

A delightful little bromeliad....I l.o.v.e. the flower market. See you next week!